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Tokimeki Ltd was established in January 2013 in London. We specialise in bringing unique and special beauty & health products to the UK from Japan.

The Japanese word ‘Tokimeki’ has no direct translation, but in essence it means to skip a heartbeat when you see someone or something lovely. It perfectly sums up that feeling you get when you see something special and have a fancy-that moment when your heart jumps and you start to smile. Japanese company Tokimeki Ltd specialises in trading items that promote this exciting sensation.

Why settle for dull and ordinary when you can have Tokimeki? The company specializes in handpicking popular unique health and beauty products from Japan and the UK. Everything chosen by Tokimeki is special, and they pride themselves on selecting lovely one of a kind products from Japan which you won’t find anywhere else.


Kumano-fude Brushes

kumano fude brushes

Every health and beauty junky worth their salt will be well aware of the high quality, unique beauty products available in Japan. And with Tokimeki’s eye for ultra cute, stylish presentation, we’re sure you won’t be able to resist their premium, macaroon coloured make-up brushes, guaranteed to look utterly adorable on your dressing table. Tokimeki’s brushes are










made using a traditional Japanese craft technique called Kumano-fude, named after the town where it originated. Each and every Kumano brush is handmade with great care and precision by ultra skilled artisans, making each one unique and special. All natural hair is used, and brushes are exquisitely soft and ultra durable, making them perfect luxury birthday or wedding gifts for special friends.


Rishiri Kombu Beauty & Health Products

Tokimeki brings Japan’s no.1 best-selling home hair colour range to the UK . Tokimeki’s natural Rishiri Kombu haircare range is additive-free, paraben-free, silicone-free and SLS-free. It moisturises and cares for your hair with the power of Rishiri Kombu high-grade seaweed. The star product is the Hair Colour Treatment, a manicure-type hair colour that does not damage your hair but covers grey hairs with a layer of colour on the surface of the hair. Another super convenient product is their Hair Colour Pen – perfect for covering roots or any greys you notice when you are just about to go out.

rishiri hair products

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